Nerdvana (at least for Potterheads and Film Makers)

Also known as the Ultimate Potter Pilgrimage.

The big one.

The Warner Brothers Studio Tour.

The making of those wonderful, delightful Harry Potter films.

Even though I have not yet been to Harry Potter World in Orlando (or Tokyo), I feel like they really can’t compare to this.

Because this, this was the real thing.

I saw costumes that Tom, Daniel, Matt, and Rupert *sigh* actually wore. (If you are thinking that I thought about taking fangirling to a creepy stalker level and stealing some of their costumes, you may or may not be correct).
For example:
But these were really the least of the wonders. To avoid the longest blog post ever, I will now choose my top 5 most favorite displays.
5. Dumbledore’s Office
A location I always loved from the books. So full of interesting things. They had all the portraits of previous headmasters on the walls, and all the little Dumbledorish instruments lying about. Of particular interest were Gryffindor’s sword and the pensieve. In the flesh.
4. Potions Classroom
Oh, that dungeon sanctuary. Where glory was brewed and death was stoppered. I wished I’d had enough time to read all the labels on all the bottles. I think if I were a Hogwarts student, Potions would be my favorite subject. With the added bonus of Alan Rickman’s voice.
3. Gryffindor Common Room
Oh. My. Detail. It was awe-inspiring – the threadbareness of the rug, all the furniture, and the tapestries. The color scheme. Just gorgeous. The common room isn’t seen a lot in the films, and when it is, it’s just the fireplace or the room is full of people. It’s mostly in the first film, really. But it’s just incredible.
2. The Creatures Room
A room or two dedicated to how they made the creatures, with prosthesis, special effects, etc. It was awesome to see how much went into the creatures…and some of the regular characters (like Hagrid was a robot sometimes!).  I got very excited. And started to think that if writing doesn’t work out for me, I’d very much like to be a part of props/set design, special effects.
1. The Miniatures
I know, I know. Why on earth are miniatures interesting? I don’t really have a good answer for that, besides that I just loved to see the detail in the sets…and I loved being able to see the whole thing from many angles. It was like a creative jackpot, downpouring it’s inspiration on me. Plus, this.
Bonus round!
Diagon Alley.
My heart still pounds just looking at this pictures! I might be the biggest nerd alive, but I don’t even care. For this day, I was in heaven.
Just don’t ask what happened when I got to the gift shop.

3 responses to “Nerdvana (at least for Potterheads and Film Makers)

  1. I just got back from visiting here myself. Best day ever! You got some great photographs. My favourite set was the Gryffindor common room! I wished there was a Hogsmead village covered in snow to visit. 🙂

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