Skye is the Limit

Some of you may have heard of the mystical Isle of Skye. It’s an island in the north of Scotland, not far from the mainland (which is also an island, keep in mind).

If you haven’t heard of it, you secretly have. Every romantic vision you’ve ever had of Scotland is based from this island. Seen Brave? Maybe it doesn’t exactly take place on Skye, but the idea of the craggy woods, the untamed wilderness, that’s the influence of Skye. Of course, much of Scotland is like this. But Skye is the quintessential, the epitome of Scottish wild lands.

I went there last week.

So here are some of the big naturistically epic places I saw.

1. Fairy Glen

Characterized by strange ridges in the hillsides and rocks forming spirals embedded in the ground. Practically the seat of all magic.

Also home to many wandering sheep who delight to feed among the lush ridges.

The god of cats has made its mark here.

This place was also the original Fern Gully.

I mean, can you handle how AMAZING this place looks? I clearly can’t.

2. Kilt Rock

Named thus because the pillars resemble the pleats in a kilt.

Kilt Rock was formed by molten rock from volcanoes forcing its way through Jurassic sandstone and then cooling and shrinking, forming the pillars.

You can see the pillar like stones littering the shore below Kilt Rock.

Also around Kilt Rock, loads of dinosaur species were discovered. Whoo!

3. The Old Man of Storr

That’s what a short Google search for “the Old Man of Storr” will get you.

This is what I got.

Let me tell you about hiking for a few hours through fog and rain with worn out running shoes and only a hoodie: DON’T DO IT.

But I did. It was actually pretty okay, but I’ve spent a great deal of my leisure time hiking precariously, particularly on boulders or through water. If you’re looking for a stroll, don’t do it.

However, totally cool rock formations formed by glacial movement thousands of years ago.

But kinda looks like a battle between giant tribes took place here.

Here’s my best close up of the “Old Man” himself:

Again, a super mystical place. Full of enchantment. Also somewhat resembling Cirith Ungol (the path at least, with it’s windy steps).

4. The Coast

We drove along the northern-most coast of Skye, which I’m pretty sure is the farthest north I’ve ever been on the earth (unless you could flying over arctic territory on my way to Japan). It was stunning.

Look at that ocean. Talk about blue.

5. Portree

The biggest “city” on the island, which was actually about the size of the boundaries of my middle school. Maybe my elementary school. It was cute and quaint, and we shopped and I had freshly caught fish and chips for dinner.

My conclusion of the island is this: give me enough money to stay here for the rest of my life, and I will do it without hesitation. Done.


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