A New Life

Since I turned in all my coursework last Friday (15th), I have started a whole new life.

I started working on Monday, the 18th.

And moved into a few flat on Tuesday, the 19th.

So really, a whole new life.

My job is not a real career (I hope, anyway). It’s a job that’s okay with me leaving in a few months when my visa ends (if I don’t get a new one). At a jewellery/cashmere tourist trap shop just down the hill from Edinburgh castle. Seriously, I can see the castle from the store. Rockin’.

In the five days that I’ve worked there, I can now identify several tartans by pattern.

Like the Royal Stewart, and all its varieties (about 5 official, at least that we carry).

Or the Thomson tartan, which seems to have endless varieties:

I can tell the difference between lambswool and cashmere or a wool/cashmere blend blindfolded.

On the jewelry side, I can tell you all about this jewelry designer from Orkney:

Sheila Fleet, who makes very interesting jewelry inspired by Scotland’s landscape, like this:

As well as all about several traditional Celtic symbols like knots, the trinity, the Luckenbooth, the claddagh, etc, etc, etc.

So far, my most favorite thing the customers ask is if the scarves are only for women, or if men can wear them, too. May I point out that ONLY Americans ask this. Because everywhere else in the world, everyone wears scarves all year round. I always have to tell them “yes, anyone can wear any of these scarves, it just depends on your color preference.” Sigh.

On the new flat side of things, I moved to a really nice neighborhood, which will cost me slightly less than what I was paying before. But I’m on the top floor, so NO MORE SPIDERS (huge problem at the last place). For those who are interested, here’s my new flat:

Kitchen, at least twice the size of the last one, probably a little more.

Bathroom, again, twice the size. But both places I’ve lived here have not had shower curtains. Is that an American thing? Because I’ll tell you, not getting the bathroom floor wet every day is pretty handy.

Living/dining room, Also bigger than the last one, and way comfier couches. Big thumbs up.

So I’ve been crazy busy working more than full time (did I mention that you only get one break – half hour unpaid lunch – in this country? What is that all about?) and moving, but man if feels great to be super productive and have more to do than sit at the computer and think about your characters all day!



3 responses to “A New Life

  1. Haha those furnishings, takes me back. Had my firstborn in Edinburgh. Rented a furnished flat like this. Could not believe they wanted me to buy a license for my tv. Haha considering my tv cost 30 quid and the license was double that, I decided the tv could be thrown out the window if the inspector came to fine me. Of course he never did

  2. The shower curtain thing is so weird. I guess people just must shower really neatly here because only 1 place I’ve lived has had one. Are you living alone or with flatmates?

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