I Feel Like It’s Time for Some Film Critiques

I saw two excellent films this past weekend that I’d like to talk about.

First was What We Did on Our Holiday

The poster says it right there. The best of British comedy.

I couldn’t agree more. This film was absolutely delightful.

It had a lot of similar elements to Little Miss Sunshine which is also comedic gold, but it was just more British, more Scottish in fact, and I probably haven’t laughed out loud so hard at a film for…years. But not only was it hilarious, it was just positive and uplifting. I mean despite the absolute chaos going on in the family featured in the film, I ended up in love with each character and feeling great about life and death. I plan on buying it asap, especially if it doesn’t get released in the States (someone please let me know if it does).

The second was A Most Wanted Man

First of all, sooooo good to see Philip Seymour Hoffman being brilliant as always. Then it was heartbreaking to see Philip Seymour Hoffman being brilliant as always. I can say, he pulled off a German accent surprisingly well. Much better than Rachel McAdams did, unfortunately, although it was very refreshing to see her in a different role than what she usually plays in “emotional porn” films as some people like to categorize them.

This film was really well done, the right amount of suspense and give from the writer to the audience. I tend to get pretty upset after watching spy films, because they always make me feel like my life is so pointless because I’m so ordinary and if I was being spied on, I would seriously have no clue and probably give away all the secrets. Haha. But this one didn’t make me feel that way, because I think they did a great job at showing the reality of a spy’s job – the loneliness, the delicacy of relationships, the heartbreak of things not going your way. It ended a bit too abruptly for me, but I’ll forgive it because Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Highly recommend either of these films.


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