Pomp and Circumstance

I graduated!!!

I officially have a Master’s degree in Screenwriting. And I got a distinction which I didn’t actually expect (pretty much the same as graduating with honors).

The graduation ceremony wasn’t terribly different than my undergrad degree. The most amusing thing was what I’ve decided to call “The Scepter of Knowledge” that paraded in the front of the academic procession.

You can kind of see it in this picture of me receiving my “parchment”. It’s resting on a stand on the table just left of me.

Other than that, the Chancellor of the university, Tim Waterstone, gave this fantastic, surprising speech. He iterated over and over: we are all unique. There is no one, never was anyone, never will be anyone, with our capacities and talents on the earth, so we must do what we are meant to do here. He said this was not a university for the privileged, it was a university where anyone from any background anywhere could study, as exhibited by the international student from 115 different countries, or the 200 different programs available for study at the university. My favorite thing he said: “Beautiful people don’t just happen. They face life, and they take life on.” He told us we were all beautiful probably fifteen+ times.

Later one of my coursemates informed me that Tim Waterstone started the bookstore Waterstones here in the UK, revolutionizing book sales completely. Before Waterstones, it was secondhand book shops or airport fiction type of stores. Now Waterstones is much like Barnes & Noble in the US, and I’m a huge fan. I’ve spent far too much money there this year, but now I don’t even feel bad about it because Tim Waterstone is a cool guy (although he doesn’t own the company anymore).

I got a picture with him. đŸ™‚How does it feel having a master’s degree? I’ll let you know when it gets me a career…


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