The Gingelution

I’m here to talk to you today about the Gingelution. That is to say, the social revolution where ginger people are becoming valued members of society rather than weaklings to be picked on.

First, we had the Weasley family, who through J.K. Rowling’s character-creating prowess won the hearts of thousands of fans worldwide.

Then we had The Red Hot 100, an art exhibition by Thomas Knights featuring red-haired men as confident, masculine, and sexy, a light which had never been completely shone on them before.

And already we are seeing more ginger protagonists in films. Today I watched About Time, a fantastic film with a male ginger protagonist.

But I specifically want to tell you about a player in the Gingelution that I think is key, even vital.

And that is the singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran.

As a graduation present to myself, I saw Ed Sheeran in concert in Glasgow on Halloween. And I can tell you from first hand experience, this man is making the world better for gingers everywhere.

I don’t want to say Ed Sheeran is a modern, ginger Elvis an upset hardcore Elvis fans everywhere, but….Ed Sheeran is the modern, ginger Elvis.

And just look what Elvis did to the world. It will never be the same because of his musical contributions.

So what makes Ed the modern, ginger Elvis?

  1. Ed Sheeran crosses the boundaries of musical genres. He raps, he hip-hops, he rocks, he indies, he pops, and he folks. I saw it all with my own eyes. And by the way, I have never heard faster rapping in my life. In concert he raps at speeds significantly faster than on the album.
  2. Ed Sheeran crosses the boundaries of race. He was voted the most important person in black music this year by a British radio station. While some people feel this is controversial for many reasons, in favor of my argument many people felt the same way about Elvis and his domination of music forms that were influenced by black people.
  3. Ed Sheeran is one man making it happen. He plays with no backup whatsoever. If there are harmonizing vocals or guitar parts in his songs, he plays them on stage, records them, and plays them back throughout the song. It was the most impressive thing I’ve seen in concert since I saw a 57-year-old Nancy Wilson toe touch in the middle of a guitar solo.
  4. Ed Sheeran is a lowly boy coming from nowhere and taking the music industry by storm with his talent. Two words: previously homeless.

I hope you’re getting the picture of what a big deal Ed Sheeran is. I personally feel he deserves the attention and accolades he’s receiving. And he’s a ginger. He’s a British, male ginger, having grown up in a society that habitually bullies gingers (I’ve seen it more times than I am comfortable with), who has overcome the persecution and with his passion, created something beautiful.

Besides all that he’s accomplished, he’s just plain adorable. I mean this concert was on Halloween, and he dressed up for it.

I don’t even like Austin Powers, but I loved this version.

Alone on stage, he still commanded attention and kept us all entertained. This is an arena of approximately 10,000 people, who were all completely loving life (so far as I could tell, and how could they not?!).

An absolute delight. As much as I loved Ed before I saw him live, I guess I could say now that I am full-blown obsessed with him. I’ve considered opening a fan Tumblr dedicated to him, if that gives you any indication.

Now, I already had a weakness for gingers, and have my entire life. But if Ed Sheeran can influence anyone else the way he’s influenced me, the world will be a better, safer place for gingers everywhere, one music lover at a time. And that my friends, is how you use your talents to make a difference.


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