Beach, Sunshine, and España.

Happy birthday to me….this past week for my gift to myself, I went to Spain. 🙂

This is what greeted me:

As much as I love cold weather (no sarcasm whatsoever in that statement), this was a nice change. Mostly because my feet are used to having 4-5 months in nothing but sandals every year, and this year they got 4-5 weeks and they were not happy about it. But in Spain…

I went to Málaga and the surrounding areas, right on the southern most coast of Spain. So this is me setting foot in the Mediterranean for the first time. It felt great.

Málaga is a stunning port city with some great sites.

Those sites include the unfinished cathedral, which is missing just its second dome. They ran out of money, and just quite the construction. Hundreds of years ago. Now they will never finish it because it’s too famous, but hey, it’s pretty cool looking, just being all beautiful then suddenly cut off.

The interior of the cathedral was one of the most stunning I’ve seen, which is actually saying something because I’ve been in loads of cathedrals. In almost every European city I’ve visited that has one.

Here are some examples:

The hallway.

One of the two identical organs, and the ceiling.

The brilliant stained-glass.

The altar.

Okay that’s probably enough, right?

Although I’m not Catholic, I love visiting cathedrals because I find the symbology fascinating and the detail inspiring.

What else. The castle, Castillo de Gibralfaro. It was too sprawling for me to get a shot all in one, but it was also very high up and I got some fantastic landscape shots from it, including the one above, but here’s another.

There in the middle you can see the cathedral with it’s one dome and not two.

Also from the castle’s viewpoint, I could see the famous Matador Stadium:

And because my camera’s zoom is absolutely wonderful, I could also see this:

Too bad it was just practice and not an actual bull fight. Which don’t happen too often these days I suppose, but it would still be awesome to see any kind of matador performance here, right?

Now, for the important things you need to know about Spain.

It smells incredible.

I’ve heard about flowers in Brazil that only open up at night and smell amazing…well I think Spain has the same type of flowers, cause for real people. Walking down the street after sundown made me want to run through meadows and roll down hills and sprout wings. Really.

Spain, people. Go there and be free.


3 responses to “Beach, Sunshine, and España.

  1. Happy birthday! You really do need a break from that gloomy Scottish weather.
    My daughter turned 22 on the 16th and Im the one backpacking around Europe. Not fair for some, haha
    How have you found the Spaniards? I was there over a decade ago and found them a bit cold.

  2. Thank you! Where are you backpacking?!
    I struggled with the Spaniards because they just flat out refused to try to speak English. I spoke probably every word of Spanish I know, and did my best to communicate, but obviously I wasn’t getting very far, but they didn’t slow down their speech or do anything to help me out. That was frustrating. Other than that they seemed okay, but I didn’t interact with them terribly much besides sloppy attempts to purchase something from them.

  3. Yes, I was a bit daunted in Spain, they were hard work lol
    Just had a week in France, now Belgium then Germany.
    My FIL is 85 and visiting family in the UK. We escorted him to Devon and came straight to the continent 🙂 Just hope the winter weather holds off, brrr

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