Back in the US of A

I still need to finish up my last week in Edinburgh, because I did some pretty awesome things during that week. But I do want to drop a note here to say:


I expected it, because I also had culture shock coming back from Germany. But I felt like Scotland to the US is a much smaller gap than Germany to the US…so I’m still surprised at how real my culture shock is.

  1. I stumble over my vocabulary. I’ve talked about this before a few times on the blog, but it feels SO wrong to say college instead of uni and sweater instead of jumper. My mouth literally has a hard time with it. I have this compulsive need to switch back to American though, because I feel like I’m speaking a different language if I don’t!
  2. Driving is tripping me out hardcore. Look at how wide those lanes are!! And how many of them! Why is this happening? From the airplane I could see the scar that the freeway (motorway) makes right through the middle of the Salt Lake Valley. And people here are driving way too fast. I keep having small panic attacks when I am in the car with my family, and even when I drove myself, because the speed limit is way too high. Who would’ve thought I would get so used to a lower speed limit (due to the amount of twisty roads, stop lights, and thin streets where only one car could pass through at a time). This will be great for my driving record if I manage to keep the fear of speed around…clear up some reckless decisions of my past at least.
  3. It’s flat. Utah has BEAUTIFUL mountains which surround the Salt Lake Valley. But between the mountains in the East and the mountains in the West, there is only a few city blocks that have buildings more than 3 stories high. This picture illustrates it very well: Downtown, the glory of Salt Lake City. Then miles and miles of a two-dimensional grid. It’s freaking me out not to have tall church towers poking up everywhere, let alone missing the monuments and castle and city on top of city.
  4. The weather…first of all, my skin is having anxiety about how dry it is here. Seriously, could peel off half of my face right this moment. And it’s sooooo warm. I’m going around without a coat or a jacket…maybe wear a jumper (sweater) but that’s the warmest I can stand. What’s going on Utah? I was supposed to come home to a few inches of snow!!

I’ll get over it…or maybe I shouldn’t…


One response to “Back in the US of A

  1. Haha…i love you. I didn’t realize how different it was for you. Don’t wish for snow though. I am quite enjoying this fall weather. Come visit soon!

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