The Great Scot(t)

The last day of the year, my last post about what I did in Scotland.

On my last day in Edinburgh, I luckily had the opportunity to climb up the Walter Scott monument on Princes Street. It’s yet another thing I’d been wanting to do the whole time I lived in Edinburgh, and I’m so grateful it was open so I could do it.

I didn’t learn too many new things about Walter Scott from climbing the monument, because as you know, I have been a huge fan of his for a long time. But I’ll tell you about the monument.

  • It’s a gothic spire that is one of the highest points in Edinburgh despite it’s low elevation on Princes Street.
  • It is the largest monument to a writer in the world (you know how the Scots have to do everything to the extreme).
  • The monument was started in 1840 and finished in 1845, built by George Kemp.

Now for some pictures. The spiral staircase inside lets you out on four tiers, and it just keeps going higher and getting narrower. A little dizzying, but super epic also.

And the views:

Tier 1:

Tier 2:

Tier 3:

And Tier 4:

Look at this beautiful city. It’s enchanting and heartbreaking all at once. My experience in Edinburgh was like falling in love with a cancer patient. I knew there was a really good chance it would come to an end, but I didn’t care, I just did whatever I could to make the most of every moment, and it was completely worth it.


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