Women, Research, and Other Delights of My Life

Happy International Women’s Day!

To celebrate, I will let you have a little peek on two stories I’ve been outlining/researching this past week, both of which have a female protagonist AND and female antagonist. (#unheardof)

Story #1

Pregnancy yoga +

Guard dog breeds +


Story #2:

The Grand Canyon +

Danu (Celtic mother of the earth goddess) +

Áine (Celtic faerie queen/goddess of love, harvest, motherhood, and light) +

Police detectives.

We’ll see how they go. 😉

On another note, I just want to throw out a lesson I’ve learned throughout my adult life. And that is, women aren’t made to be alone. We need each other. We need men too, but for different things (I could write a whole other post about that, but not today). Lots of women focus on surrounding themselves with men, or with success, or with talents, or with pleasure, because they think these are the things that mark them as whole, complete, or at least better. But having uplifting relationships with other women – this is one of the greatest joys of life. Stop neglecting this if you think you are. For men reading this, find something great about each woman you encounter today, tomorrow, this week, and tell her about it. Women are vital to this world, and we should celebrate it every day!

One response to “Women, Research, and Other Delights of My Life

  1. I agree! I love bonding with other women, all too often I hear women say they’d rather hang out with the men at BBQ’s or parties. Why? Men are okay on a one to one basis but put them together and it’s often a dick measuring competition.

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