The Up House

Carrying along in the theme of tourist attractions from wherever I’m living at the moment…here’s one. Inspired by film, so even better.

There is a house in Herriman Utah, a city out west at the foot of the Oquirrh Mountains, modeled after the house in Up, a beloved Pixar film.

There’s the actual, physical house. And here’s the animated one:

They even have little details, like this squirrel on the porch.

I do wish they had a statue of Dug though.

Now, before I go watch this wonderful film, I’ll give you some history on this house.

Blair Bangerter, a big time home builder here in Utah, decided he wanted to build the home, and got permission from Disney to do it, on the condition that the plans for the home be turned over to Disney after it was built so no one else could build it again.

It took around four months to build, then the house was on display for several months. The interior is done in retro-style, matching the film as exactly as possible – all the furnishings seen in the film were custom replicated and installed, including the pictures on the walls.

The house was sold to a couple, huge Disney fans, for $400,000 in late 2011 and was closed to the public in early 2012. Now you can just go see the outside, but it’s still a magical moment of delight.


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