I think it’s been long enough…everyone’s seen Avengers: Age of Ultron by now, right? Cause I don’t like censoring myself for spoilers. #sorrynotsorry

I’ve seen it twice already…cause I definitely don’t have an addiction to films or IMAX.

I don’t want to go over the film making aspects of this. It’s an action movie. That’s pretty much all that is needed. Though my favorite bits of action included: Thor hitting Cap’s shield and taking out dozens at once with the vibration, Hulk tearing up the Hulk-Buster, and Quicksilver doing anything.

What I really want to talk about is the theme of the film: men as monsters. This meme:

Ultron strings - Spends two minutes on the Internet Decides to humanity must be destroyed because of their stupidity

Actually, let’s do talk about the film making quickly. About the writing in particular: In every single one of the main characters’ story arcs, they face a monster within themselves and have to choose between being a human and being a monster. How brilliant is that?

The thing is, sometimes I spend two minutes on the internet, and I start thinking…global warming will take out a few million people…that might be okay…

Humans are human. What’s the difference between a human and a monster? Is there one?

I think the difference is the ability to filter impulses – to choose to act on an urge, or to deny it. (This may also be the difference between a human and a toddler or a teenager.)

Tony Stark had clearly been thinking for some time about developing a new defense system, one that could destroy all threats from all galaxies, but including the threats from Earth. Why? Because he wanted to protect Earth from aliens that had powers (most) humans couldn’t even understand. I think in those two minutes on the internet, Ultron saw that humans themselves have powers that they don’t even understand, especially the Avengers themselves.

It’s obvious that the Avengers don’t comprehend their own powers when we see what fears Scarlet Witch pulls out of them. Poor Black Widow is deeply scarred by the process that gave her the power she possesses; Iron Man knows that his brain is his power, but as a human he may reach its limit and it could destroy everything; Thor and Captain America’s powers have brought them both to a place/era where they don’t really belong and they don’t know why. I’m ravenously curious about what Hulk saw in his nightmare. But for each there is a thin line between human and monster – a line they can’t see or define. How then, to keep from crossing it?

Then there’s Hawkeye. The one who is in utter control, which has been iterated to us throughout the two films by his decisive precision in executing orders and shooting arrows of mass destruction. Who has maintained a normal, happy life, which all of the superheroes (in all superhero stories, in fact) fail to do. How? Why?

My personal theory is that he’s a Hufflepuff and as such, prone to keep his head down and just get the work done, without getting too carried away. Maybe he’s crossed his monster line and knows exactly where it is and how to avoid it. I really don’t have an answer for this.

All I know is that this theme is so true to our every day lives. At any moment, we could all let the monster take over. Most of us aren’t powerful enough for that to matter to anyone besides the direct victim of our attack, but then again, who would’ve said Ted Bundy was anything other than an average human before they found out how much monster he let take over?

And just for funsies, here are my thoughts on the Hulk/BlackWidow love story.


Whoever thinks that this story line diminishes Black Widow’s cred as a “strong female” should probably get sterilized. Since when does being a strong female mean you can’t have emotions? If a strong male character can fall in love (Iron Man, Captain America, Thor for example) then why in the name of all that is good on this Earth, can’t a strong female character fall in love? What kind of horrendous double standard are “feminists” (who are a disgrace to the title, really) imposing on women? That we are not allowed to have emotions? That is ridiculous in the most entire and complete way possible. Stop it.

Also, why not Bruce Banner? He exemplifies many things that Natasha is trying to implement in her own life, like the desire to fight/kill/destroy only if absolutely necessary for the good of the whole team/community – something that was erased from her personality by her brutal training, but that she clearly wants back. So why not be attracted to it? And he’s so kind and gentle, how can anyone (not just a woman) resist trusting him? I mean, Tony sure doesn’t. In fact, he’s probably the most trusted by the team as a whole. I love it so much, it might just be my OTP.

And one last thought.

Paul Bettany’s lips. Can you even handle them right now? Cause I can’t.


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