What are Men Compared with Trees and Mountains?

I have LOADS that I’ve wanted to write – but I’ve been so busy doing awesome stuff that I haven’t had time to write about the awesome stuff. So I’m picking a few faves and hopefully I’ll manage to write those up before anything else crazy starts happening.

So the first is this short excursion I took…several…weeks ago into the Wasatch Mountains near Park City, UT. My friend has a cabin up there and we just went to stay for an overnighter. The mountains up there are obviously beautiful, and even though it was raining a TON we were not discouraged to enjoy the nature.

This lovely lake (pond) is in the cabin complex (it’s a gated community. You can get some swanky mountain property over here in Utah).

These mountains are covered with three kinds of trees: firs, spruces, and aspens. My personal favorite are the aspens, but primarily in the fall because they are SOO many colors.

The spruces and firs…honestly can’t tell one from the other when they’re all packed in like this:

But isn’t that water beautiful?

Then there’s this other tree that is none of the above, but was up there in the mountains anyway.

It looks like a juniper to me, and those are super common in Southern Utah, but I have no idea what it was doing up in the Wasatch. But it’s lovely nonetheless.

Another thing you should check out if you find yourself in this part of Utah (Oakley, just outside Park City) is the Road Island Diner. It’s in a legit trolley car imported to Utah all the way from Rhode Island. Super random, but amazing food with the 50s roadside diner feel. Just go with an empty stomach cause these are real American portions!

I adore living in a place with such accessible mountains. Real, elevated mountains.


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