Fresh Air, Fresh Life

This past weekend I went up to a small mountain village called Midway with my church congregation. This town is precious and wonderful, because it was settled primarily by Swiss immigrants and most of the town maintains Swiss architecture, including the cute paintings on the sides of the buildings.

Midway attracts people because of its proximity to Park City, the skiing capital of Utah, but it merits its own tourists for several reasons. First of all, Swiss Days, a weekend festival they hold annually. This year it will be over Labor Day weekend (first weekend in September), so all you people should head up there then for traditional Swiss music, food, and lots of crafts.

They also have, in the nearby mountains, “ice castles” that form every winter. I have yet to experience these myself, but hopefully this year is the year! In the meantime, I’ll steal a picture from my sister who went.

And while you’re visiting the ice castles, might as well to sledding on the mountainside while you’re at it. One of my most favorite childhood memories involves sledding in Midway. We got an enormous piece of hard plastic, piled 12-20 people on it, set down the mountainside at break-neck speed, and the winner was the last one still on the plastic by the time it reached the bottom – believe me, there was usually only one, if even that. Disregarding the inherent danger, it was impossibly epic sledding.

Also at Christmastime, the local church in Midway gathers Nativities from around the world and displays them, and that is really cool to see. It’s amazing what some are made from – one from Africa that I saw was made from soda can scraps and bottle caps.

But as you all know, I LOVE the mountains, and this past weekend was all about nature time for me.

In the summer, Midway is surprisingly green (for Utah anyway), with small lakes and springs abounding (again, surprising for Utah. We are a desert after all).

And you can get views like this from pretty much anywhere.

I find the mountains rejuvenating. From there it is easy to look at your life and see what really matters. This weekend was a major reset for me. I feel more alive than I’ve felt in months! Nature heals, people.

Take some time to escape whatever nature surrounds your home, and see what comes of it. It could change your life.


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