What Fun Is

I’ve been terrible lately. It’s funny how having a routine gets in the way of feeling like you have a life…though I suppose that depends on what you consider “a life” to be. Either way, I have been unreasonably busy for the past few weeks, and even though I’d like that to slow down I know it won’t. I mean, we’re into fall now! Which means all the best things in the year are going to happen in the next 4 months. 🙂

However I’m going to talk about Utah’s only amusement park today, which may be one of Utah’s most favorite summer activites. This year, my sister and I got season passes to Lagoon, located a few miles north of Salt Lake City. It’s a relatively small park with a water park in the middle.

For many years of my childhood, my family would make the effort to go to Lagoon once a year, or maybe every two years, for one glorious Saturday. I always looked forward to it, even though I got motion sickness very easily and had major fears of going upside-down while strapped inside a machine. But little by little, I tried new rides that tested my fears.

One of the older (at least it’s been there from the beginning of my memory) rides at Lagoon is the Colossus (Fire Dragon).

I remember the first time I dared to go on this. I was probably around ten-years-old. As you can see, there are two upside-down moments in a row right there. I was terrified the whole wait in line. I’m pretty sure we sat within the first few rows, so at the top of the first big drop it looked like we were hanging over nothing and going to fall out of the air. But then we fell, right into those two loops, and the force pinning me into my chair filled my body with an addictive rush – and my life has never been the same since. I rode that ride again today, and it was still just as thrilling.

This year Lagoon opened a new rollercoaster called The Cannibal.

In case you didn’t notice this part, here it is again:

That is the first drop of the ride. You get into your seat, it takes you up an elevator shaft through that tall tower, and shoots you out on that. That drop of negative degrees. Want another angle?

When I rode this, my sister and I were on the front row, and I was on the very edge. The seating is on a platform with twelve seats, four across in three rows. The platform hooks onto the track (at the top of the elevator shaft), but the platform is much wider than the track, so the seats on the outer edges don’t have anything directly beneath them.

It looks a lot safer there than it feels. But you may also notice that restraints aren’t over the shoulder, as you might think they should be for a ride with a negative degree drop that also goes upside-down several times. But no, it’s just a lap restraint. So when you are going through that negative drop, and every time you go upside down, it feels like you are going to fall out. You’re going to fall right off that rollercoaster. No matter how tight you pulled that lap bar down. You’re going so fast and so upside-down that there is nothing you can do; you’re going to tumble like a ragdoll to your death. Death by rollercoaster. It’s happening. To you.

But I survived. I made it off the rollercoaster. I’m alive today. And now I am pretty sure I’ve been on every ride at Lagoon. Though there are still some that go upside down that are too traumatizing to me. Namely one ferris wheel where you are sitting in a little round metal cage that you can rock back and forth until it turns upside-down, and you can then make it stick in that position. Once I went on that with two of my sisters who thought it was hilarious to make me cry by keeping us upside-down for too long. Never been on it since.

But my absolute favorite ride is this:

You get in a little raft. And float through this little river. And you get incredibly soaked. Because this happens, and you can in no way avoid it:

Amusement parks are not my most favorite form of entertainment, but I do enjoy getting flipped upside-down on occasion. For a few seconds at a time. 🙂


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