Con Woman

Salt Lake Comic Con. Where to begin?

First of all, I’m surprised at myself for how big this event is in my life. I don’t know why I should be, because I’ve always been passionate, always been nerdy, always been geeky. But as much thought, concern, consideration, and preparation goes into this glorious weekend as would go into a several week vacation around Europe. When am I going to see this? How much time am I going to spend here? What are the things I absolutely need to accomplish? And what on earth am I going to eat and when am I going to have time for that??

I’m one of those kind of con-goers. There are people who go to con, but they come after they’re done with work for the day. They come for a few hours. They leave to take care of some things and then come back later. They only go for one or two of the three days.

But not me. When I go to con, I go to con.

I was there from before the moment the doors opened to long past when they closed all three days. I was living and breathing fandom for 72 hours straight. I was on my feet for so long I couldn’t even feel them by the end of the last day. I am pretty sure I actually lost weight from going to con.

Because why wouldn’t you? If you feel strongly enough about your favorite books and movies to take any interest in con, why wouldn’t you go all the way? Because if you’re going to feel strongly, why aren’t you acting strongly as well?

I didn’t know I’d love the crowds of thousands and the weeks of anxiety about having enough time to meet all of your favorite celebrities and half starving because you don’t have enough time or money left to spend on a decent meal. But then I tried it. And I loved it.

This weekend I saw eleven celebrities on panels, got my picture taken with seven of those celebrities, got my first celebrity autograph, and helped break a world record. Not bad. Not bad at all.

I’ll go into more detail about all those events in other blog posts, but first let me tell you what else is available at Salt Lake Comic Con.

Amazing pieces from sets available for photos:

These are not always the exact set piece, in fact I think most are replicas, especially those that you can climb on. But I’m not complaining, I mean, I got to sit on a land speeder as seen on Endor. Life dream fulfilled!

Incredible cosplays, both by professionals and amateurs:

In addition to the land speeder, I also got to get my picture taken with Darth Vader and Jengo Fett. And whenever you see someone who made a great costume of one of your favorite characters, you can just ask them for a picture, and they are totally happy to oblige! I did that several times for my Professor Umbridge costume, and let me tell you, it’s very encouraging to make more legit costumes next time, because it’s super fun to have someone stop you because they think your costume rocks.

Outrageous amounts of shopping:

You can get any kind of swag and merch you’d ever want. Really. I can’t think of anything I’d want that’s not there…maybe besides actual DVDs. I’d estimate around a million different t-shirts being sold, as well as vinyl stickers, bags, patches, POP! Vinyls, and my most personal favorite, custom art. Some of these are from official vendors, and some you can buy from the artists themselves. One of my most favorite parts of con is strolling through the Artist’s Alley booths and looking at the different styles and different scenes these talented people have brought to life. Especially when they crossover two fandoms. Love. Love it so much.

Also, super grateful I have a blog right now into which I can spill all my gushing feelings about comic con. I don’t know if I have enough friends that will listen for long enough for me to get it all out. So thank you, people of the internet.


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