“Hope is the Only Thing Stronger than Fear.”

Most everyone knows by now that I am deeply, irrevocably obsessed with The Hunger Games. And I need to talk about it some more. 

In the past little while I realized that my love for The Hunger Games had now superceded all other loves. This came to my attention in a conversation I had with some friends about getting tattoos. I’ve always held that I don’t love anything enough to tattoo it on my body. I love plenty of things, but none specifically the most so that I could get a tattoo of it without tattoos of all the other things that I also love equally. Until this conversation, when I realized that I could get a Hunger Games related tattoo. And that’s how I knew my love for the Hunger Games was greater than all my other loves. 
Here’s why. Katniss loses everything.

  • Her dad
  • Her privacy
  • Her safety
  • Her innocence
  • Her friends 
  • Her freedom
  • Her sister
  • Her mom
  • Both of the men she loves 
  • Her sanity

And more. But she gets up every time. 

She never stops fighting. Sure, after Prim dies it takes her a while to get back up. But she does. She always finds something to hope in, somewhere to place her faith. Sometimes it’s just in herself, and there is nothing wrong with that. 

I haven’t lost everything. I’ve never even come close. But I have lost huge things, including some of the things Katniss lost. And her story of getting up and still fighting helps me find the strength within myself to do the same. 

There are three things that I do have, no matter what else I lose:

  1. A body that works when I take care of it. 
  2. A mind that works when I take care of it. 
  3. A God that loves me and will do everything to help me if I listen to Him. 

I also happen to have amazing family and friends and a plethora of other incredible comforts that come from living in a first world country. But I still have challenges; I still have heartbreak. It wouldn’t be life without them! 

Whenever the burden gets too heavy and the road gets too dark, I think about Katniss and how she fought for those dandelions in the spring. How she got up no matter how hard she was knocked down. How for the rest of her life, she carried the scars and pain from what happened to her but she found ways to cope with it ands help others cope with it, too. 

“Hope is the only thing stronger than fear.” Yes, I know it’s President Snow who says that. Doesn’t make it less true. In fact, probably makes it more true. As someone who wants to kill hope in every living soul, President Snow needs to understand it pretty well. And I have found, like Katniss, that as long as I have hope, I have something. 


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