The Princess

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, 2016 has been utter devastation to the entertainment industry. Today joins the many infamous deaths this year. 

We all adored her in Star Wars. For all his flaws, George Lucas definitely created a pioneer strong female character – a princess who acted instead of waiting to be acted upon, who was involved in the political state of her galaxy, who killed a slug who sexuality exploited her and threatened her friends, and who didn’t depend on the men in her life to take care of her – she worked with them as an equal. Princess Leia is possibly one of the most important characters in cinematic history, let’s be real. 

But Carrie herself deserves to be revered in her own right. First of all, for being a delightful, spunky woman not afraid to speak her mind. 

When she came to FanX last year and wanted a Coke during her panel, she kissed the very lucky man who brought her one from the audience. (Wonder how he’s feeling today.) How can you not admire that kind of sassy brilliance? 

Secondly, Carrie struggled with multiple demons, notably bipolar disorder and addiction. And she forged through anyway. Never did she let these issues keep her from moving. Maybe they slowed her down sometimes, but she never gave up. A friend posted this on Facebook and I think it is beautiful:

Carrie is someone that we can all look to for inspiration – as women, as artists, as people suffering with mental health issues, as addicts, as anyone with a good sense of humor, as a flawed human being. She embraced herself. Growing up in the spotlight and becoming an icon at a young age certainly weren’t easy, but Carrie learned her own worth and never forgot it. We could all do with figuring that out for ourselves. 

I am immensely sad about this loss, but grateful for the art she made and the opportunity I had to see her in person when she came to Salt Lake last year. She radiated love and joy, and the world will miss her presence until the end of time.


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