What is Life? And 2017 Goals.

On Monday, because I had the day off to “observe” New Year’s Day, I went to see two movies – something I haven’t done since film school. It felt really glorious.

I saw La La Land Image result for la la land

And PassengersImage result for passengers

Short reviews:

  • Both were visually captivating and wonderful to watch
  • Both had fantastic story ideas
  • Both had disappointing endings: La La Land because it made you feel good the whole movie and then ripped your heart out, Passengers because it was somewhat emotionally lacking – however neither ending “ruined” the film altogether. I fully enjoyed both of them and would definitely see again – I actually think I like Passengers more than La La Land, but mostly because I was not prepared for the emotional damage La La Land would inflict.

The main point, however, is that both films made me really stop and think about the value of life. What is life without relationships? What is worth giving up in order to pursue your dreams? When is it time to change your dreams and compromise? What are the things in your life that are worth more to you than your dreams, if anything? What are you willing to sacrifice for someone you love?

These thoughts are very appropriate at a time when you’re trying to evaluate your life and change things through goal setting. So in terms of my New Year’s resolutions, I decided to figure out what’s important to me and make goals to fit those things. I ended up focused on healthier relationships which I aim to achieve by also creating a healthier mind and healthier self-image.

So, here are my goals:

  1. Physical: lose 1 lb per week until I feel good about it, then maintain for the rest of the year.
  2. Emotional: Write a weekly gratitude journal.
  3. Spiritual: Attend the temple twice per month.
  4. Social: Give a compliment every day.
  5. Career: Write at least 4 hours each week (on my novel(s), blogs don’t count!).
  6. Intellectual: Read one non-fiction book every month.
  7. Financial: Keep track of my budget for two months, then reassess (…and still need to make a budget).

These are pretty much all things that I’ve wanted to improve on for a long time and have turned into shame triggers, therefore I must eradicate them to create that healthier mind and self-image. With those two things in better shape, I will be able to invest a better self into my relationships which will make them better and then it’ll go in this lovely cycle of peace and love and everything John Lennon would want for me.

I’ve also decided to give myself “challenges” – not hard set goals, but just for funsies to see how I do:

  1. Don’t eat any cookies from the grocery store (grocery store bakery or packaged cookies) UNLESS they are imported (Jammie Dodgers are worth it).
  2. Visit all the temples in Utah that I haven’t been to (six out of 17 left…).
  3. Let go of people who consistently make me feel bad about myself.
  4. Reduce my jewelry and hair accessories by 40%.
  5. Replace wardrobe items that don’t bring me “joy”.

And because I got mildly reprimanded about my punctuality at work today, I suppose I should make a goal about that, though I don’t have a solid plan for it yet…

  1. For every month that I make it to work on time (less than 15 min late per my workplace’s guidelines) every day, I can go on a weekend road trip the next month. I will make it to work on time by adhering to a strict bed time (I will actually be lying in bed by 11 p.m.) and by creating a manageable morning routine (this is the part I don’t have figured out…I think it will take trial and error).

And with that…I better get ready for bed before 11 p.m. approaches!

Good luck to all of you with your life-changing goals!



2 responses to “What is Life? And 2017 Goals.

  1. YNAB is my favorite budgeting tool. It’s free for students though, and I don’t know if we’ll pay for it after Gavin is done. You do get a free month. Also read Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover as one of your non fiction books.

    You could pass your jewelry and hair accessories this way if you’d like. 🙂

    Can I go with you to some of temples? It would have to be a Saturday when gen can be home with the girls.

    Love you!!

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