Woman, a Wonder

Yesterday I went to see Wonder Woman. My expectations for the film rose rapidly over the week before it came out, seeing what people were saying about it. Normally that doesn’t affect my decision to see something, and I had planned on seeing Wonder Woman at some point, but absolutely no negative reviews warrants immediate investigation. And that was probably one of the best decisions I made this week. 

By way of background: I have spent several years studying what I will call “divine attributes” of the sexes. A lot of this comes from my religious background, but also through experience, observation, and essentially reading everything I could on gender roles, regardless of origin, datedness, or bias. I waded through a jungle of ideas and points of view, using logic and intuition to slice my way through the vines and undergrowth and discover the consistent truth beneath. Which is that men and women are biologically different, and as such must also be psychologically different because the two are intrinsically connected. And we are that way for a reason – and not just to make babies. 

I spent particular time drenching myself in the study of what exactly femininity is, mostly because for much of my life I never felt like I had any, but that I should.

And this was the reason I loved Wonder Woman so, so, so, so, so much. 

She is quintessentially feminine. 

What is femininity, according to my studies? It is the innate driving force within a woman for both change and compassion.

Think about it. If you are a woman, do you feel a drive within yourself to create meaning in your life – and help others find that as well? Do you have a “soft spot” for a particular thing – animals, babies, nature, your family, or humankind in general – that pushes you to protect, care for, and defend that thing with all of the strength you can spare? 

Men, does not every woman you know exhibit these traits in her own way? 

If you feel that this isn’t true, I challenge you to ask yourself what messages you’ve heard about what a woman is throughout your life – from family and friends, from media, from faith, and from observation. And once you figure that out, I challenge to look for the compassionate and changing influence in the women you know and allow it to reshape your idea of womanhood. 

But first, watch Wonder Woman. 

Wonder Woman – Diana – believes in fighting for what she loves, in her ability to change the world for better. And in the best way, she is pure and innocent about it. She hasn’t been tainted by cynicism, sucking her soul dry of the hope from whence springs both life and compassion. She gives all that she can without thought of compensation. 

She believes in inherent good – even when she sees there are so many opportunities for evil and corruption. And she defends that good with all of her soul – not for vengeance, not for glory, not for ego, but simply because she believes in its value – without caveats or expectations. 

And if that’s not true compassion, the purest and only changing influence for good, then everything I understand about life must be a lie. 

And this is the pinnacle of femininity. She is fierce. She makes decisions. She listens to her intuition. And she loves with all that power behind her. 

And on top of this excellent characterization, there was not one moment of the film where she was sexualized or made an object. I am crediting this 100% to having a female director. Men, you’re great, but you have no idea what women go through in this way, and education only goes so far. Only a woman could’ve delivered this role model in the right way. 

And how immensely do we need this role model right now? With these attacks in London this weekend, I can’t help but think of what a few more compassionate souls could’ve done to prevent this – and all the other wasteful terrorist attacks in the past, well, ever – if they had the courage or opportunity to influence change in the hearts of these people…I’m not saying they could’ve been stopped. But at least they would’ve had the opportunity. And maybe they did, but obviously terrible choices were made. 

However, I believe if we allow true compassion to permeate our souls, even these dark events have light lining their edges, and hope and peace can become permanent fixtures in your heart and mind. It takes work; it takes vigilance, but it is the only way to elevate your life into fulfilment. This is something I believe with so much of my heart, there is none left to protest.

And that is what Wonder Woman is made of. She is a goddess – a generous, loving, benevolent goddess, just as all women have the potential to be. 

She is Wonder Woman. May we all find her within our hearts. 


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