It’s My Life (About)

Hi. I’m Laura. I’m from Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. This blog was previously focused on my adventures while living in Scotland doing my masters course at Edinburgh Napier University in Screenwriting, however, now that I’m finished with my degree, this blog will focus more on human nature, philosophy, spirituality, and connectivity with other human beings.

I want to change the world through positive media that empowers women AND men to think better of themselves and others. I want to help people understand humanity and how it’s ok to be human. I want to promote positive connection with others, because I believe that is the key to a fulfilled life.

I did my undergrad in Idaho, previously lived in Germany working as a nanny, did humanitarian service in Peru, and worked for a season at a lodge near the Grand Canyon, so those adventures may be referenced in my posts from time to time.

I am also one of the biggest geeks and nerds ever – I don’t even feel like I’m being hyperbolic saying that, because even people who have known me for years still get blown away by the extent of my dorkiness occasionally. So I’m going to talk about the parts of pop culture that I love a LOT.

I am also a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which hugely shapes my perception of reality and purpose. This, combined with my pop culture passions and my life experiences will be the lenses through which I attempt to connect with you, my reader, by sharing my thoughts, feelings, philosophies, and experiences.


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