Like a Hurricane

This morning I awoke fairly early to the sounds of lashing rain and wailing wind. Since I was not yet fully awake, I didn’t realize what that meant. And fell back asleep.

A couple of hours later when my alarm went off, the storm was still raging. I finally registered that in two hours, I was supposed to be walking through that storm, suitcase in tow, on my way to class, after which I would head straight to the train station to head to Cromarty for my film festival.

So I stayed in bed for another hour. Because I didn’t want to face the storm.

When I finally started on my way to school (at about the time class was starting) this is what I saw:

And this is what I found on my way home from school:

Embedded image permalink

And the reason I came home, well after dark, is because all the trains in the whole country were cancelled, so I couldn’t go to the film festival…today. I will be going tomorrow morning. 🙂

On my way to school, my suitcase was lifted off the ground by the wind. A girl in my class who walked through a park had branches flying at her head left and right.

Our professors warned us to watch out while walking as Edinburgh is an old city where trees are rotting and roofing isn’t necessarily secure.

The winds were up to 142…which I thought was kmph at first, but no. In Britain they use miles. 142 mph. Insane!!

Here’s the BBC article. This is the only time in my life I’ve felt like the weather was dangerous. Well, this and that one time I was driving in a blizzard and my car slid backwards down a hill while I had the pedal all the way to the floor. Good times.


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